Fun with Jane: Abstract Painting in Vermont 2015


For the third year in a row I attended Jane Davies' week-long art retreat in southern Vermont. Despite some seriously hot weather, it was a great week and I feel like I accomplished a lot.


We were in the Rupert firehouse, as usual. They even had a call one day while we were at lunch!


We were working in series, starting with certain parameters and adding a few variables. I decided one of my parameters would be neutrals.



Somehow, this one got to look like Hello Kitty! I haven't had the hear to work it over yet. LOL





I'm happy with where this work is going. Nothing finished yet, but well on its way.

I'm really excited about the work I did from an inspiration piece:









I've got about two dozen pieces in various stages, and I feel like I have a year's worth of inspiration and direction. Another excellent artful week with Jane and the girls!


It goes this way


I've started a few canvases as test pieces for a canvas I'm going to do for a friend. I wanted to play with colors and work with modeling paste and graphite…and not think too much. I started two fresh canvases and two that already have paint on them, all four 16 x 20.

I'm playing with sunset colors, the beach, the ocean…



And adding lines with graphite and then using them as structure for the composition…


At this point, I was looking at the piece from different angles,standing back, turning it around and thought 'oh, it goes this way'.


And it was practically done.

A lesson in the value of looking at your work from all distances, directions, and angles!


A West Coast Interlude


I went to a conference in Monterey, CA for work, and combined the trip with a visit to my aunt and uncle’s north of San Francisco. It was great to get out of cold snowy Vermont for a few days.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I found it more impressive at night, when the lighting made me think of ancient Egyptian architecture. (I might have been jet lagged).

San Francisco and the Bay


Spent a wonderful afternoon in Muir Woods. The photos don’t do justice to these majestic trees. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring.

Here’s an idea of the scale.


The bark, roots, everything about these trees are fascinating.



Monterey was gorgeous. Wish I’d had more time to get out on the beach, but I was there for work. The Aquarium was well-designed and very interesting.

A great trip, and while I was gone, spring has appeared in Vermont!