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Up from the bottom


I finally finished a spread I started ages ago. This is typical of me: I go great guns on backgrounds and then can’t figure out how to finish them. On these pages, I started with ink sprays and used black acrylic paint to stencil on a couple of patterns. The what? I drew some shapes in a pretty rough freehand, and decided to go around the outside with gesso. I knew the sprays I used aren’t permanent but I didn’t care too much. I really liked the soft pastel chalk look I got; it looks like a sunset sky to me. Then I cut the sun from some patterned paper someone gave me and wrote the quote with a dip pen and India ink. Obviously, I need practice at that! I decided not to go back over the outlines of the buildings. I may yet if I decide I can’t stand it, but I usually just get into trouble doing that!


Inspiration out front


Took a few photos in the garden beds out front. The iPad isn’t a great camera (mine, anyway) but I like having a cache of photos of colors and textures from nature for inspiration or to use as backgrounds or image transfers. It’s also good eye candy in February or March when I’m sick of the winter neutrals.
Incidently, I didn’t plant the sunflowers; the squirrels did…






Without a picture


Okay, I’ve just about figured out how to run this blog from the iPad, but I can’t figure it how to post pictures that are already in the media library 😦 what this means is that I made something from a piece I’ve posted, back on June 2nd. But I can’t show it to you because I can’t insert a picture that’s already on my blog. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I think I did manage to get a short link to the original post:

I used bottom one to make a journal cover. I used the Rubi-Coil from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools for the spiral binding but none of the coils I have are the right size, SO it has a humongous binding coil in it for now, until I get my order from Bonnie. πŸ˜‰

And another thing: the autocomplete on the iPad drives me nuts. As an editor, I resent the stupid insertions it sneaks in on me while I’m looking at the keyboard.

It’s way too hot here at the DRCH. Can you tell?

…and the results


Here’s the spread I made using some of yesterday’s monoprints. These monoprints have a primitive feel, so I kept the background simple. I may try an even more neutral background color with the other prints. Did some more prints today. Now I’m trying to decide whether to put the gelatin blocks back in the fridge…




Gel monoprinting


Did some gelatin monoprinting today (finally had room in the fridge for a pan of gelatin) and had fun with it. I got Jenn Mason’s “Mixed-media Collage: Working in Layers” video a while back and that got me going. I see what she means about working in a series; the multiple prints taken from each prep of the printing plate give different and interesting results. I used acrylic glazing medium to extend my fluid acrylics and I like the matte finish it creates. I’m planning to use these in my art journal and I prefer a matte finish so the pages don’t stick. Now, to get working on some pages!


Couch studio


I do a lot of journaling and detail work while watching TV. Tracing, starting backgrounds, cutting out images; I do all these things while watching rugby, cycling, football…yes, I can watch other people compete all day. πŸ˜‰ I’m working on a spread in my 8 x 5 Strathmore Visual Journal here, using the palette from the latest Somerset Studio.

Here’s the tray that sits in the middle of the couch with some of my favorite supplies. That’s Willie over there on the other side. He loves the Tour de France, as you can tell.


Too hot


The last two days have been lovely but today is too hot to do much of anything, even down in the studio. More cat-sprawling weather! Moose spent last evening down in the studio during the fireworks. There are no displays visible here, the valley is that deep, but some of our neighbors feel compelled to make loud noises this time of year. 😦 Anyway, here’s a spread done when it was cooler and I had more energy. Lots of Jenni Bowlin and Tim Holtz stickers here. The stamp in the upper left is another great Mona from Ma Vinci. The background is a bit of practice for one of my splash books under construction.


Toning it down


Just so you don’t think everything I do is neon bright, here’s a spread I did on the day the Tour de France started. Just got the Paris washi tape from Cavallini & Co. I thought it needed a bit of contrast so I used some plain washi tape and Cavallini alphabet tape in French blue, of course. πŸ˜‰ more Cavallini stickers and a bit of shading to finish. And no, there aren’t enough spokes in the road bike wheel, I know, but I couldn’t bring myself to add more. I’m not the bike mechanic in the family!