Without a picture


Okay, I’ve just about figured out how to run this blog from the iPad, but I can’t figure it how to post pictures that are already in the media library 😦 what this means is that I made something from a piece I’ve posted, back on June 2nd. But I can’t show it to you because I can’t insert a picture that’s already on my blog. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

I think I did manage to get a short link to the original post:


I used bottom one to make a journal cover. I used the Rubi-Coil from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools for the spiral binding but none of the coils I have are the right size, SO it has a humongous binding coil in it for now, until I get my order from Bonnie. 😉

And another thing: the autocomplete on the iPad drives me nuts. As an editor, I resent the stupid insertions it sneaks in on me while I’m looking at the keyboard.

It’s way too hot here at the DRCH. Can you tell?

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