In black and white part I


I’ve been struggling to use black and white in the latest Fall Fearless & Flychallenge. JUST black and white. Look back at what I’ve been doing and you’ll get some idea how hard it’s been. I admit to ‘cheating’ at first. If you look at the background of this page, you’ll see some shades of red peeking through. I slapped myself around and covered it up, though! 🙂 This started as a lot of journaling with a black Pitt pen on blank pages (during the storm when I was worried about what was coming and whether we’d lose power) and then I swabbed black paint through a stencil. Then I sprayed with yellow and red dye sprays, which I then covered up with black spray. I liked the ‘jacquard’ look this gave to the background. After I let that dry completely, I splattered white acrylic ink and let that dry. When I brushed on a thin layer of Collage Pauge, some of the dye lifted and gave the background a vintage look. The page languished for a while, then I decided on shapes cut out of book pages and some plain old masking tape to finish.





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  1. The process really lends a depth to your page. I’m loving the simplicity of the cut out images against the depth of your background, and the splatters are a great touch! Thanks for joining us at Fall Fearless & FLy!

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