This is my entry for the latest Fall Fearless & Fly challenge. When I read the prompts and looked at the guest artist entry, the phrase “safe as houses” came to mind and wouldn’t leave! I even found myself looking up the etymology of the phrase (old English majors will recognize this trait). Meanwhile, I prepped the page with gesso and cut a stencil from a cereal box (love to use cereal boxes for all kinds of cheapy recycled art). Instead of spraying around it, though, I decided to roll the paint onto the stencil with a brayer, making it a stamp. The look was very interesting; anything but safe! I glued down some text from chipboard letters and used a fluid acrylic paint splot-and-spray technique I saw on Donna Downey’s blog and did a little ‘drippage’.

It seems as I grow older, that security is more important to me as I realize how illusory it can be. Money and health issues, natural disasters can all deal blows to feelings of security and safety. I know that when I don’t feel secure, my creativity suffers.



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