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Top 2000 Blog Party is on!


The Top 2000 Blog Party is on at Marit’s Paper World! I did a few pieces for it and might do more if I get a chance. Love hearing the broadcast and all those songs I haven’t heard for ages. It reminds me of the top 100 countdowns on New Years I used to listen to as a teenager, but supersized. ๐Ÿ˜‰ you can still join in the fun. It goes for the next week!

Here’s my first piece, for Downtown by Petula Clark, one of the first pop songs I can remember really liking. yup, I’m that old! ๐Ÿ˜‰




This spread was for the Fall Fearless & Fly challenge #5. My favorite color from childhood, pink, and my favorite color now, orange, were already part of the gelatin print on the left-hand page. I thought about the subject of heroes and did some journaling on the right page. I remember reading about Harriet Tubman in about fourth grade or so, and wondering how anyone could survive being a slave, and how brave she was to lead slaves to freedom over and over. The word ‘hero’ is overused, but someone who risks life or freedom to help others will always be a hero.

I chose the phrase to integrate the number 4 embedded in the collage; it’s a stencil from a wooden house number. And yes, it is a double entendre.