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More collage journeys


I started blogging about the Collage Journeys workshop with Jane Davies on Monday.

The workshop itself was about using opposites in collage. We started with monochrome…

…then moved on to complementary colors.

Notice the 'subliminal' chicken…chickens were a theme of the week…

I even did a couple of purple and yellow pieces, my least favorite pair.


The one major accomplishment for me of the week was to 'just keep working' on pieces. I was excited to see the pieces evolve.





I think the only one I'm absolutely done with is the monochrome piece. Im still buzzing from this workshop. It's such a joy to spend days at a time immersed in art; learning about it, watching it done, and doing it. And I want to thank the gang of Sherri, Janet, Cathy, Pam, and Gwen again for making the hours we weren't making art so much fun!


An incredible Journey


I spent most of last week at my first workshop, Collage Journeys, in Rupert, VT. Incredible is not an overstatement. Jane Davies taught a class of twelve women in the Rupert firehouse for four days (three full days and two half-days) and it was serious fun!

We worked hard but it was exciting to 'get' the concepts and see the results of our efforts over time.

I really enjoyed having an extended time to work on pieces, as I tend to quit too soon when left to myself.


And what a fantastic group of women I worked and played with! There were all kinds of backgrounds and interests represented, from city to country, card makers to fiber artists, one coast to the other. I made some special friendships with remarkable women and I'm so grateful for and to them all. Most special is my friend Janet, with whom I shared a table and a house during the workshop. Jane made an inspired choice when she put us together!

More tomorrow when I get more photos downloaded. I'm ready to go again!