An incredible Journey


I spent most of last week at my first workshop, Collage Journeys, in Rupert, VT. Incredible is not an overstatement. Jane Davies taught a class of twelve women in the Rupert firehouse for four days (three full days and two half-days) and it was serious fun!

We worked hard but it was exciting to 'get' the concepts and see the results of our efforts over time.

I really enjoyed having an extended time to work on pieces, as I tend to quit too soon when left to myself.


And what a fantastic group of women I worked and played with! There were all kinds of backgrounds and interests represented, from city to country, card makers to fiber artists, one coast to the other. I made some special friendships with remarkable women and I'm so grateful for and to them all. Most special is my friend Janet, with whom I shared a table and a house during the workshop. Jane made an inspired choice when she put us together!

More tomorrow when I get more photos downloaded. I'm ready to go again!



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