Monthly Archives: November 2013

Glue gun stencils and Gelli prints


I got the glue gun stencil idea from Jane Davies, who got it from Tracy Bautista. I used mine over Gelli prints to start, using Dylusions sprays. Lots more experimenting to be done!


Here's a piece of 'mop up' paper from Gelli printmaking that I used to mop up the excess spray on the stencils. That Dylusions goes on and on. This may be my favorite piece so far. The lighter acrylic paint makes a nice resist.



Lesson 2-Text and image


Okay, Lesson 2 at last. My Golden gel and matte mediums always seem too dry and stiff for image transfer so I tried using Utrecht matte medium and I like it better; the transfers are a bit thinner and stretchier than with Golden but they're smoother and less likely to crack.

Here's my first piece. This is an image from a Dover royalty-free CD. I call her 'The Frenchwoman' because she reminds me of a figure from a Seurat painting, so I went with an impressionist feel. The background text is all in French. I found the headline on the right in a Montreal newspaper; it translates as “How does one manage artists?”, which gave me a chuckle.

The one below is me at about 3 or 4. All the background text is from a 1968 Jack and Jill magazine–but don't let me date myself…I was trying to go with a kind of childlike painting technique. Not sure I like it but the colors are good.


Lesson 1 for Text and Image class


I'm finally getting around to posting the two pieces i finished for Jane Davies' text and image online class. I thought I'd get more done but too many things going on and I'm not thrilled with the text I've collected. I probably need to collect a better class of junk mail. 🙂 Anyway, here are the two pieces I've done:


I had a good time working on blending the image into the background. It was very restful, which is strange because I usually fuss over that sort of thing.

I did a little more with this background because I thought the image was strong enough that it would still dominate.

I'll definitely play around more with this lesson when I get a chance.