Lesson 1 for Text and Image class


I'm finally getting around to posting the two pieces i finished for Jane Davies' text and image online class. I thought I'd get more done but too many things going on and I'm not thrilled with the text I've collected. I probably need to collect a better class of junk mail. 🙂 Anyway, here are the two pieces I've done:


I had a good time working on blending the image into the background. It was very restful, which is strange because I usually fuss over that sort of thing.

I did a little more with this background because I thought the image was strong enough that it would still dominate.

I'll definitely play around more with this lesson when I get a chance.


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  1. These are very cool, Lynn. I especially like the birds and the way you blended them onto the page. I like the text too…beautiful! And the color combinations and texture are very nice in the second one. The repetition of the stamp at the border of the maroon and yellow works nicely as a transition. Beautiful work, as always!

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