Monthly Archives: March 2015

Small Repairs


9 x 10, acrylic paint, graphite, India ink, China marker



Black and White Watercolors


I've been working on these in the evenings when I have a cat or two on my lap. Makes it a bit tricky, but they're only 5 x 7. I used watercolor crayons and graphite. It was interesting to see how much depth I could achieve.




A West Coast Interlude


I went to a conference in Monterey, CA for work, and combined the trip with a visit to my aunt and uncle’s north of San Francisco. It was great to get out of cold snowy Vermont for a few days.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge. I found it more impressive at night, when the lighting made me think of ancient Egyptian architecture. (I might have been jet lagged).

San Francisco and the Bay


Spent a wonderful afternoon in Muir Woods. The photos don’t do justice to these majestic trees. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring.

Here’s an idea of the scale.


The bark, roots, everything about these trees are fascinating.



Monterey was gorgeous. Wish I’d had more time to get out on the beach, but I was there for work. The Aquarium was well-designed and very interesting.

A great trip, and while I was gone, spring has appeared in Vermont!