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Background noise


Gelli plate monoprinting has been all over the web lately. I don’t have one (yet) but I still have some gelatin so I mixed up a batch Friday night and spent much of the last two days making prints. I even used some of the prints I made last time as backgrounds. This journal spread has one of them on the right, with a silhouette a la Dina Wakely. It got a bit overwhelmed as I collaged the rest of the spread–being distracted by football–which led to the caption.
I now have a ton of mostly finished collages and backgrounds and as a bonus, I got some cool painted embellishments from the masks I used to make the prints. My gelatin ‘plate’ started to crack or I’d probably still be at it. I learn a lot every time I do this and it’s hard to mess up. You need a lot of drying space and that’s about the only ‘down side’. I suspect there’s a Gelli Plate in my future. πŸ˜‰




In black and white part I


I’ve been struggling to use black and white in the latest Fall Fearless & Flychallenge. JUST black and white. Look back at what I’ve been doing and you’ll get some idea how hard it’s been. I admit to ‘cheating’ at first. If you look at the background of this page, you’ll see some shades of red peeking through. I slapped myself around and covered it up, though! πŸ™‚ This started as a lot of journaling with a black Pitt pen on blank pages (during the storm when I was worried about what was coming and whether we’d lose power) and then I swabbed black paint through a stencil. Then I sprayed with yellow and red dye sprays, which I then covered up with black spray. I liked the ‘jacquard’ look this gave to the background. After I let that dry completely, I splattered white acrylic ink and let that dry. When I brushed on a thin layer of Collage Pauge, some of the dye lifted and gave the background a vintage look. The page languished for a while, then I decided on shapes cut out of book pages and some plain old masking tape to finish.




Anything can be stamp


I was doing some experimenting with Colorwash and Dylusions sprays together in my new art journal. I wet the pages first and then used yellow Dylusions and red and orange Colorwash, then heat set. Loved the look-so then what? I cut up some romaine lettuce for my lunch salad and was reminded what a great stamp the core makes. I used a little cobalt teal acrylic paint I had left on the palette–and I mean a little–and sponged it onto the core. I like how there’s contrast but it doesn’t dominate the spread. I got seriously carried away with the masking and washi tapes, though, and the whole spread became a kind of experiment.
I’m going to link this with the Art Journal Cafe challenge Anything Can Be a Stamp–what great timing!




Fun is NOT optional


Okay, this one’s a bit over the top for me, but it’s been a long week and my back is bugging me again. Honestly, you’d think I was getting old or something…anyway, while watching the second Kate Crane Art Journaling DVD I suddenly wanted some fun images for collage and I found Cemerony on Etsy. I used a prepped background (the many spatters done with leftover paints from another project). The homemade ‘washi’ tape probably looks familiar. When my back is out, I can sit on the couch with an ice pack and watch preseason football and cut things out for hours. It’s about all I can do. Tiny attached a little date tag a la Donna Downey (three, DD, count ’em!) and called it good. I am serious about this, folks, that fun is NOT optional, it’s a necessity of life.


New pan pastels!


Woohoo, love these! I now have the painting and shades sets. I got trays for them and I can see that this will make them much easier to use, although it’s nice just to sit and stare at them. πŸ˜‰ Honestly, some of these colors look good enough to eat. (Do I have to tell you not to do it?)


Here’s what I’ve done already; a spread in my Donna Downey canvas album. This is the first time I’ve done much work on canvas. The Internationally Inspired videos from DD Studios have helped with lots of techniques and inspiration. Still thinking about how to embellish this spread…



Couch studio


I do a lot of journaling and detail work while watching TV. Tracing, starting backgrounds, cutting out images; I do all these things while watching rugby, cycling, football…yes, I can watch other people compete all day. πŸ˜‰ I’m working on a spread in my 8 x 5 Strathmore Visual Journal here, using the palette from the latest Somerset Studio.

Here’s the tray that sits in the middle of the couch with some of my favorite supplies. That’s Willie over there on the other side. He loves the Tour de France, as you can tell.