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It goes this way


I've started a few canvases as test pieces for a canvas I'm going to do for a friend. I wanted to play with colors and work with modeling paste and graphite…and not think too much. I started two fresh canvases and two that already have paint on them, all four 16 x 20.

I'm playing with sunset colors, the beach, the ocean…



And adding lines with graphite and then using them as structure for the composition…


At this point, I was looking at the piece from different angles,standing back, turning it around and thought 'oh, it goes this way'.


And it was practically done.

A lesson in the value of looking at your work from all distances, directions, and angles!


Adventures in composition


I'm taking an online class from Jane Davies right now as part of my intent to improve my composition skills. I'm really enjoying it and wish I could spend more time at it. Which one of Murphy's Laws is it that says as soon as you commit to something fun, work intensifies? Anyway, this is a mini cruciform study, probably my favorite of the six 4x4s I did. You can see them all here


Grand canvases


I finally got a fourth 6 x 8 canvas so I could finish my grandparents collage series. The series started with the aqua canvas that was an out of the journal project when Dina Wakeley was doing that challenge. I took a favorite journal spread and put it on canvas, and added the thumbnail of my Gramma Mac as a girl (yes, that’s not the usual spelling, but Gramma Mac told me she loved it so I always spell it that way) as a focal image. Before it was finished I knew I’d have to do three more.





Journal to canvas


I admit it, I hated what I had done on this canvas. So I took Dina Wakely’s advice for her art journal to canvas challenge and took the concept for one of my favorite journal pages and turned it into a (reworked) canvas. I added a couple of elements, most important of which is the photo of my Gramma Mac. I like this so much I’m going to do three more canvases featuring my other grandparents!
Trying to get the colors on this canvas to photograph was impossible with the iPad. 😦


Starting from scraps


This canvas panel started with a piece of copy paper that I used to sop up overspray on something. I thought it was too cool to pitch so I stamped one of the butterflies (Balzer Designs from Impression Obsession) in my new stamp set onto it with VersaFine black, tore out the part I wanted to use and glued it to a canvas panel. I used the stencils that go with the stamps for the design on the butterflies wing (Pearl Ex over VersaMark experiment-it worked!) and some other stamps and stencils from Julie Balzer and finished up with purple masking tape. It’s probably too busy but I can live with that.




I realize I am definitely in a ‘bright’ period. The brighter the better! Must be the dark VT winters…but I think this period started in the summer: last summer, when I made these 5 x 7 canvases. The acrylic painted and stamped paper pieces on each were made even longer ago, so I guess my bright period has far-reaching roots. Wanted to do something with texture, so the butterfly has beads gel, the tulip has fiber gel, and the bird has a burlap nest. The main images are all home-made stencils and molding paste.