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This spread was for the Fall Fearless & Fly challenge #5. My favorite color from childhood, pink, and my favorite color now, orange, were already part of the gelatin print on the left-hand page. I thought about the subject of heroes and did some journaling on the right page. I remember reading about Harriet Tubman in about fourth grade or so, and wondering how anyone could survive being a slave, and how brave she was to lead slaves to freedom over and over. The word ‘hero’ is overused, but someone who risks life or freedom to help others will always be a hero.

I chose the phrase to integrate the number 4 embedded in the collage; it’s a stencil from a wooden house number. And yes, it is a double entendre.




This is my entry for the latest Fall Fearless & Fly challenge. When I read the prompts and looked at the guest artist entry, the phrase “safe as houses” came to mind and wouldn’t leave! I even found myself looking up the etymology of the phrase (old English majors will recognize this trait). Meanwhile, I prepped the page with gesso and cut a stencil from a cereal box (love to use cereal boxes for all kinds of cheapy recycled art). Instead of spraying around it, though, I decided to roll the paint onto the stencil with a brayer, making it a stamp. The look was very interesting; anything but safe! I glued down some text from chipboard letters and used a fluid acrylic paint splot-and-spray technique I saw on Donna Downey’s blog and did a little ‘drippage’.

It seems as I grow older, that security is more important to me as I realize how illusory it can be. Money and health issues, natural disasters can all deal blows to feelings of security and safety. I know that when I don’t feel secure, my creativity suffers.