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Next stages, next series


Here's this series

with white and black added.


Here's the third series I started, with warmer colors. I'm thinking these will get a cool color accent somewhere in the process…


And here's a fourth series using a darker, warm gray to start:


That I had to brighten up. I also used white around the edges for some quiet space.

Not sure where any of these are going next, but I'm having fun!


Deli paper print abstract series 1


I was inspired by Jane Davies' video using deli paper prints as a way to start paintings, so much so that I've got three series going now. Here in the first, I use cheap acrylic in a celedon (I think mine is Italian Sage) like Jane did.

I've always liked the combination of celedon, dark blue, and purple, so I used it here with Indian yellow hue, which I really like as contrast.


I'm not sure where these are going but I feel like leaving them fairly 'rough'.


Grungy journal pages


A couple of pages from my Coptic-bound junk journal. I thought I might be tempted to work on one page at a time in this, but I can’t seem to help working in two-page spreads. The page on the left was blank, the right has part of a monoprint made using my Gelli plate and one of the new Michelle Ward stencils (love that the masks come with the stencils!) on colored paper. I wanted to fill the pages up and I think I succeeded. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I tend to stop too soon on a lot of my pages. I gessoed the left page and scraped acrylic paint on with an old bank card. Lots of washi tape, a paint chip card, old book text, and journaling. And orange. Can’t seem to stop using orange.

Above is left, below is right


Background noise


Gelli plate monoprinting has been all over the web lately. I don’t have one (yet) but I still have some gelatin so I mixed up a batch Friday night and spent much of the last two days making prints. I even used some of the prints I made last time as backgrounds. This journal spread has one of them on the right, with a silhouette a la Dina Wakely. It got a bit overwhelmed as I collaged the rest of the spread–being distracted by football–which led to the caption.
I now have a ton of mostly finished collages and backgrounds and as a bonus, I got some cool painted embellishments from the masks I used to make the prints. My gelatin ‘plate’ started to crack or I’d probably still be at it. I learn a lot every time I do this and it’s hard to mess up. You need a lot of drying space and that’s about the only ‘down side’. I suspect there’s a Gelli Plate in my future. ๐Ÿ˜‰




…and the results


Here’s the spread I made using some of yesterday’s monoprints. These monoprints have a primitive feel, so I kept the background simple. I may try an even more neutral background color with the other prints. Did some more prints today. Now I’m trying to decide whether to put the gelatin blocks back in the fridge…




Gel monoprinting


Did some gelatin monoprinting today (finally had room in the fridge for a pan of gelatin) and had fun with it. I got Jenn Mason’s “Mixed-media Collage: Working in Layers” video a while back and that got me going. I see what she means about working in a series; the multiple prints taken from each prep of the printing plate give different and interesting results. I used acrylic glazing medium to extend my fluid acrylics and I like the matte finish it creates. I’m planning to use these in my art journal and I prefer a matte finish so the pages don’t stick. Now, to get working on some pages!