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Yet more fun with Jane: Abstract Painting in Vermont 2016


This year, Jane Davies held her week-long Abstract Painting in Vermont workshop in the Manchester Community Library. It is a great space, with lots of light and room to work, and climate controlled, which was a blessing this summer. Early August was beastly humid.


We had great fun with shapes (meltdowns notwithstanding) and pattern and throwing monkey wrenches into the works.

It was great to stretch the creative muscles and hone observational skills, and just spend the whole week flinging paint and seeing what would happen. Here are some of my pieces, the last of which I think it's finished.



Fifty Shapes


This one is done. I've been calling it “Fifty Shades of Gray-Green”, but more than anything else it's a shape study with a little work on depth. 12×16 acrylic, graphite, and pastel on canvas.