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Fifty Shapes


This one is done. I've been calling it “Fifty Shades of Gray-Green”, but more than anything else it's a shape study with a little work on depth. 12×16 acrylic, graphite, and pastel on canvas.



It goes this way


I've started a few canvases as test pieces for a canvas I'm going to do for a friend. I wanted to play with colors and work with modeling paste and graphite…and not think too much. I started two fresh canvases and two that already have paint on them, all four 16 x 20.

I'm playing with sunset colors, the beach, the ocean…



And adding lines with graphite and then using them as structure for the composition…


At this point, I was looking at the piece from different angles,standing back, turning it around and thought 'oh, it goes this way'.


And it was practically done.

A lesson in the value of looking at your work from all distances, directions, and angles!


A Grand Reopening


The Dog River Cat House is back in business! On Valentine's Day, we brought Theadora and Amadeus home from the Central Vermont Humane Society.

Theadora-she has a very interesting 'line' down the middle of her face

Amadeus. I'm discovering how hard it is to get a good picture of an all black cat!

They made themselves at home right away and they have a lot of youthful energy, as they're both about two years old. Not related, they bonded at the shelter and we are glad to have a pair who get along so well. I'm not letting them down in the studio yet, as they are curious and energetic and Theadora tends to taste things she shouldn't. That won't stop them from providing inspiration, though. I finished these three canvases for the downstairs bathroom recently, so the cats can help me on ideas for a new canvas for a friend.



Journal to canvas


I admit it, I hated what I had done on this canvas. So I took Dina Wakely’s advice for her art journal to canvas challenge and took the concept for one of my favorite journal pages and turned it into a (reworked) canvas. I added a couple of elements, most important of which is the photo of my Gramma Mac. I like this so much I’m going to do three more canvases featuring my other grandparents!
Trying to get the colors on this canvas to photograph was impossible with the iPad. 😦