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Still here


Yes, it's been a while. I've been working on a few things but nothing finished so far. I'm always doing other things in the spring, although it's been a slow spring to get going here.

I'm finished with this journal spread unless I decide to actually journal on it. It was mainly an experiment with shading. Next time I won't use the mechanical pencil to do the outlines. I used charcoal for all the shading over Dylusions sprays and stamping using Archival ink, then a couple of layers of workable fixative.


And another


Journal page with a Daniel Torrente stamp and Dyan Reaveley Say It How It Is stamp. All the same as the previous page but some washi tape and watercolor crayons over, and a bit of journaling. Can't get a great photo but the colors are close.


Back from ‘Up North’


I’m back from two weeks in Minnesota and Iowa. Almost every summer when I was a kid, we would go ‘Up North’ from our farm in Iowa to a lake in Minnesota (or Canada) for a week of fishing and fun with my mom’s sister’s family and sometimes our grandparents and other family. We looked forward to it all year long. I haven’t been back for a fishing trip for several years, so it was great to get to spend 10 days on Wasson Lake, throwing bait around, eating and laughing. I took a Moleskine watercolor book that I had done some backgrounds in before I left. I usually don’t do much artwork on vacation. I have great intentions for making art that rarely materialize. This year was no exception. I seemed to slide almost immediately into a state of ennui brought on by oxygen-saturated September breezes and no vacation for four years.
I did manage to cut out a picture of some Northern pikes from the Minnesota fishing guide and do a little doodling on one spread. I took a lot of pictures, though, and amassed a large collection of STASH tea bag envelopes for future pages. I especially like this background. I sprayed Dylusions dyes over wet pages and the pooled dyes give the impression of the map of a coastline. Did a little gesso stenciling, too.