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Small Repairs


9 x 10, acrylic paint, graphite, India ink, China marker



More backbone

I love this quote. I decided to use it on the second plastered (joint compound) spread, this one in my Strathmore journal. I did the same thing in this that I did in the Moleskine but I probably could have skipped the tissue as it doesn't really show through; I was much more liberal with the joint compound and sealed it before painting this time so it didn't wear off. I also used a watered down charcoal gray acrylic over all to bring out the texture and a few India and acrylic ink splots for contrast.

Tim Holtz Bigz alpha die letters. Love this die and was definitely worth buying (on sale!) but had to shim it ever so slightly in the center–literally, a piece of cardstock taped to the back center did it–or some of the letters wouldn't cut cleanly. Shaded the letters with charcoal–it's the details!


Not enough to do


I should probably be packing, or cleaning, or finishing some work, but instead I’m finishing a spread with a background I particularly like. It started with a paint wash over masking tape, then a darker paint wash around the edges, spray through stencils and some ‘drippage’, gesso through another stencil…I think that’s it. I rarely write these things down as I go, which is a pity considering my wretched memory. That sat for a while until I printed out the hand image and then it reminded me of juggling all the things I’m juggling right now and the rest came rolling right along. I need more practice with the India ink drippage. It’s a fantastic day here so I may do a bit more journaling out on the porch. It’s feeling distinctly like summer is over…