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Continuing journey


A week ago, I was driving home from Rupert, VT, just having finished my second Collage Journeys workshop with Jane Davies. It's an intense five days (three full days and two half days) but an absolute gold mine of inspiration and direction. Jane is a great teacher and I've learned a ton both years. The theme was working in series, and we had several series in the works by the end of the week.

Here's the venue, the Rupert firehouse, and Jane dispensing pearls of wisdom during a break.

Here are a few of my 4x4s, all works in progress (they aren't busy enough yet!)


Here are a couple of cruciform studies. These are probably busy enough, but also not finished.


I have lots of stuff to work on and more directions to take. Such a great time!




This spread was for the Fall Fearless & Fly challenge #5. My favorite color from childhood, pink, and my favorite color now, orange, were already part of the gelatin print on the left-hand page. I thought about the subject of heroes and did some journaling on the right page. I remember reading about Harriet Tubman in about fourth grade or so, and wondering how anyone could survive being a slave, and how brave she was to lead slaves to freedom over and over. The word ‘hero’ is overused, but someone who risks life or freedom to help others will always be a hero.

I chose the phrase to integrate the number 4 embedded in the collage; it’s a stencil from a wooden house number. And yes, it is a double entendre.


Fearless into the future


Here’s my entry for the Fall Fearless and Flychallenge. This looked like some fun inspiration and I was ready to get into some warm colors. I had a challenge for myself to use more red this year and this helped as a reminder. I made a useful discovery, too: graphite doesn’t stick to India ink. 😉


Inspiration out front


Took a few photos in the garden beds out front. The iPad isn’t a great camera (mine, anyway) but I like having a cache of photos of colors and textures from nature for inspiration or to use as backgrounds or image transfers. It’s also good eye candy in February or March when I’m sick of the winter neutrals.
Incidently, I didn’t plant the sunflowers; the squirrels did…