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…and the results


Here’s the spread I made using some of yesterday’s monoprints. These monoprints have a primitive feel, so I kept the background simple. I may try an even more neutral background color with the other prints. Did some more prints today. Now I’m trying to decide whether to put the gelatin blocks back in the fridge…




Couch studio


I do a lot of journaling and detail work while watching TV. Tracing, starting backgrounds, cutting out images; I do all these things while watching rugby, cycling, football…yes, I can watch other people compete all day. πŸ˜‰ I’m working on a spread in my 8 x 5 Strathmore Visual Journal here, using the palette from the latest Somerset Studio.

Here’s the tray that sits in the middle of the couch with some of my favorite supplies. That’s Willie over there on the other side. He loves the Tour de France, as you can tell.


Too hot


The last two days have been lovely but today is too hot to do much of anything, even down in the studio. More cat-sprawling weather! Moose spent last evening down in the studio during the fireworks. There are no displays visible here, the valley is that deep, but some of our neighbors feel compelled to make loud noises this time of year. 😦 Anyway, here’s a spread done when it was cooler and I had more energy. Lots of Jenni Bowlin and Tim Holtz stickers here. The stamp in the upper left is another great Mona from Ma Vinci. The background is a bit of practice for one of my splash books under construction.


Toning it down


Just so you don’t think everything I do is neon bright, here’s a spread I did on the day the Tour de France started. Just got the Paris washi tape from Cavallini & Co. I thought it needed a bit of contrast so I used some plain washi tape and Cavallini alphabet tape in French blue, of course. πŸ˜‰ more Cavallini stickers and a bit of shading to finish. And no, there aren’t enough spokes in the road bike wheel, I know, but I couldn’t bring myself to add more. I’m not the bike mechanic in the family!


A little reminder


Did I mention how much I like the Dylusions sprays? πŸ˜‰ I used the ghosting technique again with a Dylusions stencil, some big bubble wrap–the sprays really tint white paint! Journaled a bit, glued on cutouts of a favorite old family photo (no one seems to know who this tyke is), and some more of my stamped masking tape (Ma Vinci stamps). Just a little reminder to all of us who have an invisible yardstick in the back of our minds that we need live up to no one’s expectations!


Serious fun


Made this spread over the weekend. Loving me some Dylusions sprays and Balzer Designs stencils from Crafters Workshop! I’m not sure which page I like best; the left has some great color blends (and zipper stamp from Ma Vinci’s Reliquary) and the right has the cool ghosting technique from Dyan Reaveley’s blog. And my drawing of Great Gramma Nellie. She might still need some cool earrings…




Spiral calendar


I finished this project last year but some people haven’t seen it. It’s 4 by 11 inches closed, or would be if it COULD be closed! There is one collage for each week of the year with a calendar page between each collage page, plus a collage for the ‘extra’ days of each month. It took me well over a year to finish but I really wasn’t in a hurry. I wanted a perpetual calendar in a tall format that could stand on its own. I used my RubiCoil binder and the biggest coil I could get, both from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools It was a fun project and definitely stretched my repertoire of background and theme ideas. I’d like to explore using coil binding in more unusual ways.





I realize I am definitely in a ‘bright’ period. The brighter the better! Must be the dark VT winters…but I think this period started in the summer: last summer, when I made these 5 x 7 canvases. The acrylic painted and stamped paper pieces on each were made even longer ago, so I guess my bright period has far-reaching roots. Wanted to do something with texture, so the butterfly has beads gel, the tulip has fiber gel, and the bird has a burlap nest. The main images are all home-made stencils and molding paste.

Clean up


Spent the afternoon with a #9, some zydeco, and a pile of boxes; time to start cleaning out the studio…

…and I found this pice of tissue cloth I made a few weeks ago. I’m really happy with the way it came out. In fact, I may just frame it as is!


Now what?


I love making backgrounds. I could spend all my time making backgrounds; composing pages, not so much. I used the same stencil for both sides and sprayed both with homemade spray color. Then I went over the stencil on the right page with Pan Pastels using the same color palette, as near as I could come; I have the Shades set. I love the suede-like texture of the Pan Pastels. Now, of course, I’m wondering where to go from here. I do this all the time. I have a journal–more than one, actually–with lots of backgrounds, waiting to be finished!